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A Team-Driven Approach To Your Civil Lawsuit

When going up against well-funded law offices with teams of skilled and seasoned attorneys, we believe that there is truly strength in numbers. Associations among attorneys and forming a seasoned legal team can go a long way toward accomplishing positive results for our clients.

Committed To Collaboration

Sean P. McAfee enjoys working and collaborating with peer lawyers in New Mexico and throughout the country. He sees value in associations, particularly when facing large defense firms backed by insurance companies with unlimited resources. He believes that assembling a team of attorneys with different skill sets and experiences levels the playing field. It also gives his clients the best chance of a favorable result in complex and often high-stakes litigation.

Mr. McAfee brings proven oral and written advocacy skills to the table combined with experience on both sides of lawsuits. He commits himself to continuously enhancing his tactical skills and trial strategies. He conducts meticulous analysis and employs purposeful and effective tactics to secure the best possible result, whether a case goes to trial or is settled out of court.

Specific areas of experience and expertise include:

  • Civil rights cases, specifically police misconduct. Mr. McAfee stands alone in having defeated a qualified immunity challenge mounted by a police officer who killed a young woman when he ran a red light while off-duty in his police vehicle. This successful legal battle in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals resulted in an $8.5 million settlement for the family
  • Dram shop liability claims that place the blame of drunk driving accidents and fatalities on bar, restaurant and liquor store owners who overserve their patrons. This is another area where Mr. McAfee successfully blazed a new legal trail while securing a very favorable result for his clients.
  • Delgado claims involving the egregious conduct of employers who cause injury to their employees and force them to file lawsuits for compensation beyond what they receive in a standard workers' comp claim
  • Insurance claims, specifically bad faith and coverage issues
  • Serious personal injury and wrongful death claims that involve trucking accidents, premises liability and dangerous work conditions on construction sites and oil fields

Understanding that all cases are different means arrangements with legal counsel can be tailored based on the specific case and the circumstances surrounding it. Depending on the complexity of the case or the opposing team of lawyers, Sean P. McAfee may fight to even the odds by partnering with other experienced attorneys.

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