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A Civil Litigator Dedicated To Overcoming The Obstacles You Face

Sean P. McAfee takes on complex cases where his clients often are the underdogs. Many have been beaten down by people in positions of power. Simply put, they need someone in their corner. Enduring complex, life-changing harm and adding in complex legal issues requires next-level litigation. Sean P. McAfee tackles those problems and succeeds where others have failed or did not think to venture.

Mr. McAfee is a litigator who truly enjoys the challenges presented by litigation and finds the experience of helping his clients obtain justice to be quite gratifying. Sean P. McAfee is invested in his clients and their best interests. He also prides himself on serving as a valuable resource for any questions that arise.

Simply put, the practice of law is personal for him.

Putting Clients First

At The Law office of Sean P. McAfee, client service and interaction are priorities. Our founder's particular skill set and success in written and oral litigation makes him a valuable asset for New Mexico residents and those out of state. Peer attorneys throughout the country who are seeking a partnership on a particularly challenging case can also rely on him for his expertise in litigating and trying civil disputes.

Sean P. McAfee is a trial lawyer who takes on the cases others might find too challenging, if not impossible to win. He enjoys a track record of unique outcomes in the form of favorable verdicts and establishing precedent. His willingness to team with other attorneys has allowed him to blaze trails and make the impossible possible.

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